IT Support

I also offer a wide range of IT Support services for my clients, with everything from VPN setup for wide area networking such as office and home working, through to webcam setup with options such as indoor and outdoor IP CAMS which can be remote controlled with web based software and can setup webpages to view multiple cameras, and data wiping and recovery.

VPN setup – from £250

I can help you setup a VPN and configure laptops or office PC’s to work via it, I will come to your office, discuss your needs, and then recommend the best solution to you.

VPN’s are great if you have multiple office locations and want to centralise your data storage to your main office, or if you have staff working from home or other locations, they can login remotely and access your files on your network as if in the office, but all behind a safe and secure login with data encrypted.

IP CAM SETUP – from £100

There are a number of reasons why you might want to setup a webcam, ranging from simply letting clients spy on your office, right through to setting up monitoring systems, and with my own software to allow your to record and view multiple cameras, and with remote control full 360 pan and tilt view cameras now available you can setup your webcam how you want, even offering to let your clients control it!

DATA WIPING – from £30 per drive

I have expert software in house which lets me offer industry standard data wiping which I guarantee will mean your data cannot be recovered, perfect for when disposing of old office equipment with confidential information which you want the peace of mind of knowing no-one is going to steal.

DATA RECOVERY – from £150 per drive

I have tools which let me recovery data from pretty much any hard disk, and can extract data from dead PCs 90% of the time, even when the drive has errors, my recovery service can help you recover data lost by a crash, and I also offer options such as DVDs of recovered documents or direct copies of the drive to a new hard disk (costs extra), I have helped a great many people recover invaluable lost data from their old laptops and PCs in all kinds of conditions!


PC TUNE UP – £30

Is you PC running slow? I can help, 9 times out of ten PC slow downs are merely caused by lack of maintenance and proper care, a quick tune up by us and your PC will be running good as new, I run multiple checks for viruses, adware, remove old files and caches, and defragment your drive amongst other things to make sure it runs to its best!

REPAIR – from £60 + parts

I can fix and repair a wide variety of computer problems from crashed operating systems to broken hard drives, so if your PC has blown up, why not drop it in for me to look at.

UPGRADES – £30 + cost

I charge a flat rate fee to install upgrades to your laptop or PC, and can even source the parts at the cheapest rate around, which is much lower than retail prices, with my expert knowledge of computer systems I will help you to select the best possible upgrade for your computer or laptop.

Why not contact me with your requirements at today!