Charging a surcharge for PayPal fees for invoices here in the UK

Thought I would share this as I have had customers and clients tell me before that I am not allowed to charge PayPal’s fees as a surcharge on top of their invoice to cover costs as it is against PayPal’s terms and conditions.

The official rules of PayPal’s terms actually cover 2 documents online here in the UK, the first link to terms as per the response in the forum states,

“PayPal users are not permitted to impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as payment. For more information, please see Section V of the Payments (Sending, Receiving, Withdrawing)”

And this is what I have been linked to before by customers saying I am not meant to charge them fees, in an effort to persuade me to drop them.

The second set of terms, as linked to by the forum post shows that you are allowed to charge for the fees,

“Currently, PayPal UK’s policy allows surcharging only under certain conditions. For instance, sellers may not surcharge more than the fees PayPal charges to them (the standard fees being 3.4% + 20p). They must also state any surcharge amount within the listing.”

You are allowed to charge them as long as they do not exceed PayPal’s own fees and it is made clear you are charging them at the point of sale it seems.

I thought I would share this here, so if anyone else gets told they can’t do it, they know they can.