Secure Certificates and SSL

Secure Certificates and SSL

We recommend setting up secure certificates to our clients on their websites, and our hosting packages come with a free SSL certificate too, they offer a level of authentication and security to customers using your website, proving that the website is genuine and not a fraudulent website.

Google has recently moved to display a “Not Secure” message to anyone browsing a website without a secure certificate which will deter people from using such websites and making purchases from them.

SSL provides encryption for data that’s transmitted through a website to a server or browser.

Critical data such as passwords, email addresses, credit card and banking information, email, and other private messages is protected by SSL encryption.

SSL protocols encrypt the data before it gets transmitted, making it worthless to anyone who tries to intercept it as it travels through the Internet.

SSLs also verify the sender and receiver of the data, so you know all parties involved are who they say they are. Fraudulent activities like spoofing and phishing are much more difficult to get away with on a site that has SSL.

You’ll recognize a site that uses SSL because it will have a URL, or site address, that starts with “https://” rather than just “http://”. The letters “https” stand for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Secure.” Other SSL indicators which are displayed on secure sites include a padlock icon or a “green bar” in the URL.

SSL certificates do more than keep your data safe, too. Believe it or not, they can also help your site rank higher in search engines.

Google wants all websites to have SSL certificates, and they’ve made no secret of their efforts to reward compliant sites. As far back as 2014, they began giving HTTPS sites a small boost in search results, and in December 2015, Google even admitted that they give search priority to these more secure sites.

It is now seen as a good practice to make use of SSL and a secure certificate across your website as a result, it gives peace of mind to customers and helps reassure them that their transactions are secure.

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