The News In London (Site no longer live)

I built this website to demonstrate the speed at which a site can be built with BuddyPress (a Word Press extension). Building a portal page for London with a news feed from a variety of sources, live chat, a forum, user registration, user blogs, classifieds, and more to demonstrate the power and flexibility of this system.

BuddyPress basically turns word press into a social networking website, allowing users to register for their own blog, contribute to others, have their own profiles, message each other, add friends, and generally do everything a social networking site does. With BuddyPress you can even give users the option of creating their own micro site, it really is an amazing tool.

It is a simple system to get up and running, which is reflected in the speed with which I built this website. The site is live, and is a real website for people living in London to use, it features news from a variety of sources, and feeds a facebook page, and a twitter account with the latest news.