I spent sometime this morning helping a client to simplify some of their admin by hooking up the contact form on their website to automatically update new contact form submission information on a Google Sheet for them to manage it more simply.


If you haven’t used Google Sheets before then you should, it offers a great way for people to collabourate on data over the Internet, particularly if you work remotely too.




I made use of this WordPress plugin to link the clients Contact 7 enquiry form to Zapier which then enables it to automatically update the Google Spread sheet.




Zapier allows you create what they call “Zaps” which work on a trigger such as a “Web Hook” (A post or request to a URL) to carry out an action, which can be something like creating a row of posted data on a specific Google Sheet (they support over 500+ apps!), and makes use of a template you define to insert data into the correct columns on the sheet.


The whole process is fairly painless, you click a “Make Zap” button after you setup your account, and follow a wizard which helps you setup you “Zap”, asking for the trigger type, the action, and pulling in data from a sample post to then help create the template, taking you step by step through the process in an easy way to understand to help you get up and running!

Just been out for meeting with a client to discuss their new website.

I created this post to demonstrate how easy it is to update a wordpress website from your android phone using voice to text built in to android phones.