Learning Laravel 6

I have been Learning Laravel 6 as part of my training for a new position I have started in 2020.

I have worked with Laravel very briefly before when I was asked by a company to take a look at an existing application and make some alterations to it, and also have some previous experience of working with Node.js and composer as part of a Udemy course I took on learning Vue.js, but I was largely a complete beginner.

As part of my training I was given the task of building an application from scratch which loads in data from an API , and so had to go back and learn all the basics and concepts involved in Laravel to do this.

I thought I would share some of the links and tutorials I have followed whilst doing this in an article here for others to read who are looking to learn Laravel too.

Laracasts – Laravel 6 From Scratch


In this series, step by step, The author shows you how to build web applications with Laravel 6. Starting with the basics and incrementally diggin deeper and deeper, as he reviews real-life examples. Once complete, you should have all the tools you need.

This one is definitely worth watching and following if you are planning to learn Laravel 6, it’s very helpful.

Laravel 6 Authentication Tutorial: Login/Register/Password Reset UI


How to quickly add authentication to an app built with Laravel 6.

Adding authentication in Laravel is a breeze as you will see since the framework provides a complete auth system with register, login, logout and password reset out of the box that can be sufficient in many cases.

Laravel 6 CRUD Application For Beginners


Laravel 6 CRUD application will contain the approach to create and use the InsertSelectUpdate, and the Delete functionalities. You can build your own advanced applications by using this concept in laravel 6. Laravel has several inbuilt features that make more secure, robust, and authentic to our application.

How to Implement Pagination in Laravel 6 with Example


A tutorial on using pagination in Laravel 6 with example. Pagination allows us to divide data in chunks.

Laravel 6 Image Upload Tutorial Example From Scratch


Simple example of image upload in Laravel 6. Create a simple form for image upload and save to database. Explaining step by step Laravel 6 image upload tutorial. You will learn basic request image file upload in Laravel 6.

Migrations & Seeding


Migrations are a type of version control for your database. They allow a team to modify the database schema and stay up to date on the current schema state. Migrations are typically paired with the Schema Builder to easily manage your application’s schema.

Schema Builder


The Laravel Schema class provides a database agnostic way of manipulating tables. It works well with all of the databases supported by Laravel, and has a unified API across all of these systems.

Laravel 6 Inserting & Updating Eloquent Models


Article about Laravel 6 Inserting & Updating Eloquent Models.