Music Host

Music Host

I’ve been working on a wordpress multisite over Christmas to let people share and sell their own music they create online, in a fashion a bit like,, and does.

It’s still a good way off being finished but you can see it yourself at

My thinking originally was to produce a website to showcase my own original electronic music I produce and also to sell it there too.

After looking into solutions I opted to go for WordPress with WooCommerce, using an off the shelf music theme called music-club-lite and some extra plugins such as an audio player for Woocommerce to build it.

I got to thinking that I could open this up for other people to use as well, with it being free to use and people being able to get 100% royalties for their work from it when selling unlike other sites, and so decided to try and set it up to use WordPress multisites to do so.

I was largely successful in doing so, with the website main sign up at live and working to create a profile and sell music but currently you need to setup all pages manually, that needs to be automatic which from what I have read over at is possible to do too, just not got round to doing it yet.

There is even a top level members directory to browse through too!

The system to upload and sell music a bit complex but it does work! Currently everything is handled within the WordPress admin area for each multisite after registration and login. When you create a product in WooCommerce to sell you have to mark it as virtual and downloadable which then displays the option to upload a file to sell digitally, see

If you are used to the WordPress interface like me then this all works great for you, and probably offers a lot more options than a rigid bespoke system would.

I’m kinda happy with the result so far personally, next up I would should get some terms up saying not for piracy etc, and also a proper domain name for it too, and am planning to eventually put it all through Cloudflare CDN when ready to help with bandwidth, performance, and also for hotlink protection too!