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Using my HTML 5 Video player with my Chromecast:

This is an example of me using my personal project HTML 5 Video player made using PHP, HTML 5, and JS running in Google Chrome shared to my TV via my Chromecast.

The script reads a directory of video files and creates a playlist which it plays in a loop slideshow one after another.

It has next and previous navigation, along with an overlay playlist which you can select a file to play from.

I also included a button to allow full screen playback, which is especially useful for mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

It uses the HTML 5 video tag to play video, using js to swap videos on end of playback to create the slideshow effect, and to set the current video from the playlist.

One of the hardest things to setup was full screen playback on mobile device browsers use JavaScript, as most don’t allow it very easily. Making it work on desktop, android, and iPhone was fun to do.

The idea of this script is not to be a video player plugin like JW player or similar, but was a personal project to create a video jukebox slideshow script I could drop in a web server to play a folder of videos, mainly so I could watch them on my phone and tablet without using storage space on the devices played over WiFi from my laptop etc, things like JW player are great at their job, but they are hosted player scripts which require you to be online and fulfil a different role to my script here. I could in fact use a player like JW player within my script for the video playback, but there is no need as the HTML 5 video tag works perfectly well.

All example videos I use here are free to download Adobe after effects tutorial videos from

I am planning to upload the code to Google code when it is a bit more ready.