New vps server as backup for my main webserver

I just bought a cheap vps server for $30 annually from, it has specs of an 8 core cpu, 3 GB ram, 50 GB Disk, 3 Tb bandwidth. My plan is to use it as backup server of archive files of my webserver files and website’s, though with...

Just been out for meeting with a client to discuss their new website.

I created this post to demonstrate how easy it is to update a wordpress website from your android phone using voice to text built in to android phones.

My new USB 3 32GB stick only £10.50

My new USB 3 32GB memory stick which only cost £10.50 from eBay  turned up, not sure how the seller makes any money on these! It claims read speeds of 70Mb/s and writes of 18Mb/s when plugged in a USB 3 port which is pretty quick!

£24.99 lEi KINO Mini ITX build

Currently building a mini ITX PC in a case I bought from ages ago, the Mobo CPU and ram cost just £24.99 on eBay! The case was £15 from gumtree and the PSU £14.99 from eBay too! The setup is 1.6Ghz Atom, 1gb DDR2 ram, dual GB Ethernet,...